She’s A Labor Day Hold Out. The Frugal Girl’s Decor Upgrade | Patriotic Home Decor

Tina’s afternoon 4th of July party had been a hit, all that was left to do now was put away all the patriotic themed decorations. As Tina picked up the last patriotic centerpiece from the picnic table, she got another idea!

August was her turn to host girl’s night and Labor Day is just around the corner she thought   .    .    .   I wonder if I just add.


For the fourth of July I did  fun centerpieces for each of my round picnic tables. The thing is red, white and blue decor isn’t just for the fourth, it works all year round plus a few other patriotic holidays. I’m hosting girl’s night in August and here in Mississippi is gonna be mega hot, so I plan to have my get together later in the evening out in my backyard. The problem is I kinda live in the country and there are no street lights, so I decided to create my own. 

Have your own patriotic themed event coming up? Follow along with my tutorial on how to create simple, cute and fun patriotic themed centerpieces, including how I added one item to transition them for my August girl’s night get together!


Check out my step-by-step tutorial on how to make a DIY patriotic centerpiece using 95% dollar store items for about $10 each. So lets get started!


DIY Patriotic Centerpiece Supplies - Step 1 | Patriotic Home Decor

DIY Patriotic Centerpiece | Creative Home Decor | Blog With TDGS

First lets start with your list of supplies:

  • Pliers (wire cutters or pliers with that feature)
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo stick and floral tape  in case you want to make any of           your florals taller(not shown)
  • Medium to high tac glue dots ( can be found at the craft store)
  • A vase (from the dollar store)
  • Red, white and blue glass gems (from the dollar store)
  • You will need red, white and blue florals ( I got a variety of complimentary sizes, the amount you need will depend on the size of your vase)(from the dollar store)
  • Star sprays or similar in red, white and blue (from the dollar store)
  • Styrofoam balls or a floral foam to place in the middle (from the dollar store or other craft store)

DIY Patriotic Centerpiece - Step 2 | Creative Home Decor

Step two and three: Remove the mylar cover off the weights for your star sprays and set them aside ( you can use the mylar as a filler for your vase if you like).


Next separate the sprays from the base as shown in the picture. I was able to wiggle most of the sprays from their bases to separate them. The ones I could not wiggle loose I cut them from the base with the pliers. 




 Patriotic Centerpiece | Patriotic Home Decor

Step four and five: Grab your styrofoam balls or base to put in the bottom of the vase ( I ended up using a total of three of the styrofoam balls, I wanted my base to come high up to add in the sprays and florals).  Add glue dots to the flat side of the styrofoam so that it will stay in the bottom of the vase.m of the vase ( I ended up using a total of three of the styrofoam balls, I wanted my base to come high up to add the sprays and florals). 




Patriotic Centerpiece | Patriotic Home Decor



 Step six: Add in your sprays and separate them out so that they help your bouquet look full. I played around with the order I placed mine so that I could keep the red, white and blue pattern.



Patriotic Centerpiece | Patriotic Home Decor




Step seven: Add and arrange your florals to fill out the vase. I purchased a total of six bundles for this vase, the number you need will depend on the size of the vase you use. 





Lighted DIY Patriotic Centerpiece| Patriotic Stars



You are done except for one more step to upgrade your centerpiece, fairy lights! Add battery operated fairy lights to add lighting to your tablescapes at night. 


Add battery operated fairy lights to your centerpiece | Patriotic Theme



Drop back by and share a link to your version of this centerpiece, I’d love to see it!

Happy crafting

Tina D.


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