Personalized Wine Bottle Label

DIY – How to add your own custom label to a wine bottle

How to add your own custom label to a wine bottle

Take Valentines Day up a notch this year by adding your own custom label to a wine bottle, champagne bottle or sparkling cider bottle! Read below for my step-by-step instructions.

Supplies you’ll need

  • A bottle to decorate
  • A waterproof container tall enough to sit your bottle in
  • A scraping tool, credit card, old gift card or some thing similar

Start by choosing either a bottle of wine, champagne or sparkling cider bottle. Gather, buy or create your own vinyl label for the bottle. Most bottles use a 3.5″ x 4″ label.

1. Remove the existing label from your bottle

Step two remove existing wine bottle label.

Place the bottle in a container just tall enough to allow you to cover  the label with warm water. I usually allow my bottle to sit up to 24 hours so the label will come off easily. Once the original label is loose peel it away and then pat the outside of the bottle dry with a paper towel making sure you also remove any leftover label residue.

2. Prepare your vinyl label for application

Prepare your vinyl label for application.

If you purchased a vinyl decal from TD Gift Solutions your decal will arrive prepped with clear transfer tape. Place the decal on a firm surface and gently swipe over the transfer tape to make sure all the pieces of the decal get transferred over.

If you are making your own decal or purchased it some where else follow that products instructions.

3. Place the vinyl label face down (transfer tape side down)

Place vinyl label face down

Use one hand to gently hold the transfer tape down and the other hand to peel away the label backing making sure all your decal remains on the transfer tape.

4. Pick up the transfer tape containing your decal and apply it to the bottle aligning it straight.

Personalized wine bottle label   Personalized wine bottle label

Using your fingers first smooth down the decal on the bottle. Use your card/ scraping tool to smooth the decal on the bottle removing all air bubbles if you see any.

5. Slowly peel off the transfer tape

Personalized wine bottle label  Personalized wine bottle label  Personalized wine bottle label

After removing the transfer tape use your fingers to make sure there are no air bubbles.

Next deliver and wait for the smiles  😀

Have a great day!

Tina D

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